About TGIM


#TGIM is a movement that is helping everyday people move from a limited #TGIF lifestyle to seeing every single day of the week as fulfilling or as important as their weekends!


#TGIF stands for Thank God it's Friday! Mostly used on social media to celebrate the weekend and the end of a work, study and routine.

There is nothing wrong with relaxing, celebrating down time with friends and family but some of us can be stuck in a life that ONLY sees the weekend and the activities we do Friday to Sunday as the only fulfilling and worthwhile thing we do all week.


What if you created a life that is full of purpose?  One that is fulfilling to you and brings value to those around you - your loved ones, your work place and community!

#TGIM for People of Faith

There is something about #TGIF concept that Christians should be very wary about.  You see, the #TGIF mindset stems from the age-old idea that work is somehow demeaning, unfulfilling, and worse - unspiritual.  Thank God it's Friday, I can't wait to get to Youth or hear the guest speaker preach on Sunday!

If Christians are banking on just getting through the week so that they can get to a church service on Sunday, they are missing out on a huge part of the purpose of God for their life!


Can we invite you to come on a journey with us to create a life that is so much more fulfilling and purposeful and ...


TGIM as a movement is passionate about helping to inspire, train and equip leaders of faith organisations to think differently about how to engage their community. Through our resource such as the TGIM book, TGIM Community Engagement Training bundles, our website and social media content, real time TGIM events we hope to inspire and help activate a group of like minded people who together as a movement can begin to break down the present existing walls between the church and community. Paul the founder of the TGIM thought has been involved in many areas of the church world in helping faith organisations, and leaders right across Australia, UK, Europe and now Canada who are bringing transformation to where they minister and live!

Let Paul and the TGIM team walk alongside you as you go on this significant journey!