About TGIM

TGIM is a movement that is helping everyday people move from a limited #TGIF lifestyle to seeing every single day of the week as fulfilling or as important as their weekends!


Let Us Explain...

#TGIF stands for Thank God it's Friday! Mostly used on social media to celebrate the weekend and the end of a week of work, study and routine.

There is nothing wrong with relaxing, celebrating down time with friends and family but some of us can be stuck in a life that ONLY sees the weekend and the activities we do Friday to Sunday as the only fulfilling and worthwhile thing we do all week.

What if you created a life that is full of purpose?  One that is fulfilling to you and brings value to those around you - your loved ones, your work place and community!

TGIM for People of Faith

There is something about #TGIF concept that Christians should be very wary about.  You see, the #TGIF mindset stems from the age-old idea that work is somehow demeaning, unfulfilling, and worse - unspiritual.  Thank God it's Friday, I can't wait to get to Youth or hear the guest speaker preach on Sunday!

If Christians are banking on just getting through the week so that they can get to a church service on Sunday, they are missing out on a huge part of the purpose of God for their life!

Can we invite you to come on a journey with us to create a life that is so much more fulfilling and purposeful and ...