Your Purpose Starts With Chaos

We all have an aversion to pain and discomfort, I’m with you on this, anytime I can avoid discomfort I will certainly try.

But strangely when it comes to finding your life’s purpose that feeling of discomfort, confusion even chaos is critical in the discovery of your “Why”.

The problem is of course when you look at some people on Instagram and Facebook who seem to “have it all”, you know the ones, everything about their look, their dream and their life appears to be in complete harmony!

These images or snapshots of people’s lives don’t reveal or portray the true picture of what is required to live a life of purpose and they rarely give insight into the process that we go through to begin to figure out this incredibly important journey.

You see the thing that tricks everyone is we don’t realise the importance of chaos as the raw ingredients to purpose.  The chaos of no options, too many options, no clarity, no margin to think it through and more than likely no spare money to move your ideas forward!

All of this fog is necessary because it’s the tension of these unanswered thoughts that keep you on track to discovering your purpose.

Your greatest asset in this stage of discovery is not clarity but instead Passion!  Passion creates a drive in you to not give up, and produces a tenacity and determination that keeps you exploring, it keeps you asking those really good questions.

I’m convinced that finding your purpose is not mystical in that you put your head on the pillow tonight and magically wake tomorrow with your life’s vision.  In fact, quite the opposite, purpose is discovered. It comes toward you as you take small steps in the direction of some areas of interest to you.

“Where do I start you might ask?”

“I don’t even have a Passion for anything yet?”

Let me give you a hint!

Your Passion actually emerges from your frustrations, for example, what things in your life do you find yourself saying “that’s not right, somebody should do something about that”, there in lies the seeds of your Purpose!

Let me invite you to stay on this journey of discovery with us!