Why Launch A Movement!

The thought behind TGIM came to me as I observed a culture and a mindset that many of us are living. The belief that there are only parts of our lives that are significant and celebrated.  The rest of life is either mundane at best or at worst empty and meaningless. Looking at social media I could see this way of thinking was evident when many would post #TGIF.  As if the only place of fun and fulfilment happened when work, study and running a home were done!

This thought became a book called #TGIM ‘Thank God it’s Monday - The Weekend is not Enough’ in order to articulate this message to the faith based community. As a leader of a faith based organisation and having the privilege of being connected to the church community both here in Australia and overseas I could see that Christians had fallen into a #TGIF lifestyle. Sunday’s had meaning but the rest of life was a means to an end! 

TGIM is not limited to the faith based community it is for every person from every culture, socio economic background or age group.   Wherever this message has been shared there are many who not only resonate with this thought but want to connect and carry the message in their own lives, organisations, churches and communities.  We believe it is time to gather these like minded people!

The TGIM Movement seeks to bring together, train, and champion those who want to live and experience purpose and fulfilment in all areas of their lives everyday of the week. This will not only enhance individual lives but imagine the effect on our communities as tradesman, doctors, parents, students know their purpose, live out of their passion and use their talents and skills for others.

Whether you join us on our website, social media, attending one of our TGIM events or read the #TGIM book we invite you to become a part of the TGIM movement!