'All About Gerry!'

You may be wondering why TGIM has a Giraffe soft toy as a part of our product/resource. While no one could dispute his appeal to young children and the young at heart, the connection between the TGIM Movement and Gerry could be understandably unclear!

Amazingly, for decades here in Australia, New Zealand and overseas Gerry has been a much sort after community award. This award is not given to the rich and famous but to those everyday heroes in our communities who are largely unknown but are people who stick their neck out for the common good. They are usually volunteers, with little resource who give out of their own time and energy for the welfare of others and their community.

An example worth looking at is the Port Macquarie Women’s Shed, where everyday women in the local community of Port Macquarie created a safe place for women to receive friendship and support while encouraging them to learn or develop a skill. Many of their projects and their proceeds help support vulnerable women in their community. Or there is the example of the courageous efforts of Year 12 Boys and one Year 12 girl who shaved their heads for the ‘world’s greatest shave!’ These everyday students raised over $10,000 for the cause.

These everyday heroes are everywhere around us. Perhaps you know of a local volunteer Surf Life Saver, Fire Fighter, carer or the local business that goes over and above with their service to customers and their community. There is no judgement if you purchase Gerry for your own stuffed toy collection but TGIM would love for you to Join the Movement and award Gerry to those who you know who give of themselves selflessly. How inspiring if we can go even further and share their stories through TGIM social media or even featured on the TGIM Website.

Without a doubt there are many of these everyday heroes in our community who deserve the Gerry award, it is time we recognise them and share their not so average stories to inspire us all to live lives that have purpose and make a difference to our community and our world. 

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