Your Purpose Starts With Chaos

We all have an aversion to pain and discomfort, I’m with you on this, anytime I can avoid discomfort I will certainly try. But strangely when it comes to finding your life’s purpose that feeling of discomfort, confusion even chaos is critical in the discovery of your “Why”. The problem is of course when you look at some people on Instagram and Facebook who seem to “have it all”, you know the ones, everything about their look, their dream and their life appears to be in complete harmony! These images or snapshots of people’s lives don’t reveal or portray the true...

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'All About Gerry!'

You may be wondering why TGIM has a Giraffe soft toy as a part of our product/resource. While no one could dispute his appeal to young children and the young at heart, the connection between the TGIM Movement and Gerry could be understandably unclear! Amazingly, for decades here in Australia, New Zealand and overseas Gerry has been a much sort after community award. This award is not given to the rich and famous but to those everyday heroes in our communities who are largely unknown but are people who stick their neck out for the common good. They are usually...

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Why Launch A Movement!

The thought behind TGIM came to me as I observed a culture and a mindset that many of us are living. The belief that there are only parts of our lives that are significant and celebrated.  The rest of life is either mundane at best or at worst empty and meaningless. Looking at social media I could see this way of thinking was evident when many would post #TGIF.  As if the only place of fun and fulfilment happened when work, study and running a home were done! This thought became a book called #TGIM ‘Thank God it’s Monday - The...

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