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This thought has been born out of thought leader Paul Bartlett who is active in both faith environments and his local community. The #TGIM movement is here to champion everyday people to live our their best God given life. 

Come on the #TGIM journey to:

- have a more fulfilled and purposeful of life

- know how to outwork your God given call 7 days a week and

- feel spiritual Monday to Saturday

Red Frogs

The vision of Red Frogs is to reduce suffering and safeguard a generation of young people, acting as a positive peer presence to empower them to make positive life choices and become a voice of change within their culture.

It all started in 1997 when Red Frogs Australia founder Andy Gourley (then youth pastor at Citipointe Church) hit Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast with his skateboarding mates and realised the need for a designated sober person at the massive drinking parties.

With a team of 17 volunteers wearing t-shirts screen printed with ‘Hotel Chaplaincy’, Andy hit the Gold Coast with a budget of $450 in pocket. They started door-knocking every hotel room and looking after Schoolies. Many Schoolies were skeptical and closed the door in their faces - until they discovered the magic of a small red lolly.

Red Frogs - Andy Gourley

Interview with Andy Gourley